Waste Management

BATIÇİM took all the hazardous and solid wastes under control through its Waste Management System implemented since July 2005 in compliance with the laws.

In addition, the company burns and removes all dangerous and solid wastes as an alternative fuel for the purpose of energy production under the scope of the Operating License as we obtained from the General Directorate of Environmental Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Republic of Turkey and our Waste Menu since 2005.

Use of such wastes as an alternative fuel avoids the transfer of solid and hazardous wastes to landfill areas and/or receiving environments without control and prevents environmental pollution; and on the other hand, thermal energy of such wastes are used and this ensures saving from coal, being the primary fuel of cement production, at specific rates. This way we create added value to the economical use of natural resources.

Our entire solid and hazardous waste burning process is performed under legal requirements. Emissions created during the burning process are monitored simultaneously through exhaust gas analyzers; and also accredited organizations perform periodical measurements and report the results to the General Directorate of Environmental Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Republic of Turkey. Ash, being developed in conclusion to burning the wastes as an alternative fuel, stays within the clinker and mixes here into the cement and thus avoids the development of an external waste.

Our Operating License

For this purpose, how the wastes are sent to BATIÇİM?
  • Producer of waste determines the waste code in compliance with his/her activity.
  • Producer of waste contacts waste responsible or environment unit of BATIÇİM.
  • He/she send a waste sample if required in accordance with the type of waste to be send and in addition, analyses issued by accredited organizations regarding the waste.
  • Samples are examined by BATIÇİM and an acceptance protocol for the waste is advised to the producer of waste.
  • Producer of waste signs a waste contract with BATIÇİM.
  • Producer of waste makes an appointment and send his/her wastes through licensed carriers together with the documents (waybills, National Waste Transportation Form) in compliance with the laws.

Waste Contract
Waste Menu