Carbon Footprint

We, BATIÇİM, aim at producing clinker and cement in compliance with national and international standards and to present such products with an understanding suitable for the demands and expectations of customers.

While fulfilling our responsibilities, respecting the nature and avoiding environmental pollution is our general principle. We are aware that protecting and improving the environment we live in is an integral part of our job and life. Therefore, we take maximum care in preventing environmental pollution and using natural sources in a conscious way. We reduce wastes at their source and bring them back to economy in any case possible.

Carbon footprint is the measure of damage caused by human activities to the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gas as measured in unit carbon dioxide. Carbon footprint consists of two main parts: direct/primary footprint and indirect/secondary footprint. Primary footprint is the measure of direct CO2 emissions that develop through the burning of fossil fuels including domestic energy consumption and transportation (for instance cars and planes). Secondary footprint is the measure of indirect CO2 emissions related to the production and eventually decay of products we use throughout the whole life cycle of such products.

Global Warming, Climate Change and Batıçim

Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth, with the plainest explanation. Biggest effect triggering such increase is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases results in the absorption of sun rays; and thus, the temperature of earth increases. Largest share in greenhouse gases belongs to carbon dioxide gas at 80%. Factors such as fossil fuel production, energy production and use, industrialization respectively result in global warming and consequently climate change.

As Batıçim;
  • We obtain the entire vapor required for heating and production from the hot gas in our chimneys. Thus, we do not use additional fossil fuels for providing the energy necessary for heating and production and we ensure carbon emission reduction of 4.500 tons as equivalent to plantation of 13.000 trees per year.
  • We obtain some of the fuel necessary for production process from our wastes. Thus, we reduce the rate of fossil fuel we have to use and we prevent carbon emission of 9.600 tons per year as equivalent to plantation of 28.000 trees and as may develop due to random removal of such wastes to the environment or their accumulation.
  • Abiding by national and international standards in favor of reducing fossil fuel consumption, we increase the production of blended cement and encourage our customers to use blended cement and concrete.
  • Beyond and in addition to all such activities, we set off to produce electricity from hot gas in our chimneys. While we fulfill our responsibility for reducing the effect of greenhouse gas on living and non-living beings through “energy production from waste heat” which is one of the best technologies to ensure energy production that would decrease carbon emission against global warming, we also contribute in national energy production. Owing to our facility for producing energy from waste heat, we will realize electricity production of 65.000.000 kwh/year from waste heat and ensure carbon emission decrease for 35.000 tons as equivalent to plantation of 31.000 trees per year.