Management Systems

Our Management System Policy

Our main mission...
as BATI ANADOLU GROUP is to work as customer oriented in all our activities on clinker, cement, concrete and aggregate production; to minimize working health and safety risks that may affect our employees and all related parties;
We undertake to...
Review and improve management systems continuously:
Run the auditing mechanism necessary for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of management systems continuously; review periodically the effectiveness evaluation of our purpose and targets;
Give importance to education:
Create effective human resources by giving importance on and supporting education;
Comply with the relevant legal conditions and product standards:
Comply with the national and international regulations and other requirements with regards to our activities as well as with product compliance and safety standards;
Prevent environmental pollution, damages to health and occupational accidents:
Take the risks determined with regards to working health, safety and environment under control by using technological developments and field improvements; put into practice all the measures required to avoid occupational accidents and diseases; prevent our employees from damages to health; ensure recycling and removal of wastes in compliance with the laws; avoid air, water and soil pollution before they occur.